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Waterless Foam Mousse, No Rinse Shampoo

$ 35.99 $ 60.82

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  • A quick and easy no rinse shampoo for cleaning your dog! Relieves dry skin, itching, shedding and allergies. Rub the shampoo into your dirty dog’s coat and have a happy dog with a shiny coat.
  • The waterless shampoo and conditioner solution is perfect for cleaning and deodorizing all dog breeds, even ones with sensitive skin. The formula goes deep in the coat to ensure a long lasting fresh scent.
  • Best source for keeping your dog looking and smelling clean between baths, between grooming sessions, and while traveling. More effective than in-between grooming sprits as it really digs deep to remove odor causing bacteria.
  • If you also have a hard time giving your dog or puppy a bath, this is the solution for you. Old dogs and puppies that don’t enjoy water baths, LOVE this! Veterinarian Recommended. Made in the U.S.A.
  •  8oz