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Smart Interactive Indestructible IQ Treat Dog Toys Ball

$ 23.99 $ 43.18

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  • TOP QUALITY-Made of environmental and non-toxic plastic, can directly contact with food and the owner is assured for leaving the dog to play and chew solely. Size: 4.7 inch diameter.
  • HOW TO MAKE A SOUND-NO SQUEEZING, NO BATTERIES! With the internal magnetic field, when the ball is rolling on the floor or shaken, it will have a cute and funny sound.
  • UNIQUE FOOD LEAKAGE OUTLET-NO TROUBLE! NO MESS! Simply throw the smashed treats or snacks into the ball, your sweet dog will enjoy the healthy and interesting diet without any waste.
  • NO SINGLENESS-Maybe your lazy dog shuts his eyes to your characterless toy ball, stylish bones and paws pattern outside will attract his interest at the most extent.
  • INDESTRUCTIBLE AND HELPFUL-This pet chewing ball contributes to exercising, strengthening and cleaning their teeth, prevents your active pet tearing your household goods anywhere and trains dogs' IQ physically and mentally.
  • 4.7 Inch, Black