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Professional Grade Deluxe Pet Shower System

$ 119.99 $ 202.78

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  • Multifunction, professional quality shower head designed to make bath time for pets faster, easier and more economical
  • Hooded shower head is made of medical grade silicone. Has fine teeth on the rim of the hood for short haired pets that gently massages and cleans away dirt and dead skin. Hood also prevents water from spraying into pets eyes and ears when used carefully around the head. Fold back the hood to expose the longer silicone teeth for longer haired pets, deeper cleaning and to help brush out tangles
  • On/Off switch allows control of water when rinsing, lathering, massaging or brushing out tangles. This high quality shower head allows strong water flow when on and complete restriction when off. No dribbling or leaking! This makes bath time fast and yet helps save water
  • Ergonomically designed to fit any hand comfortably and features a handle intended to fit between fingers to ensure control. Great feature to have when your furry friend is less than cooperative
  • Included in this kit is everything you need to convert your shower into a pet bathing station. Even a free e-guide for installation! Save time, effort and water and do it at home