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Premium Itch Relief Dog Shampoo

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY SHAMPOO FOR YOUR PETS : 100% vegan and organic Pet Wash Shampoo. Developed an all natural and certified organic shampoo that not only respects the environment as well as nature, but insures that in doing so your pet has the best possible skin care and coat treatment available. The anti-itch, anti-microbial properties of our pet shampoo acts as an odor eliminator to eliminate wet dog smells caused by dander and bacterial buildup.
  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE ORGANIC PET SHAMPOO GET ITCHY SKIN RELIEF: Our Doggie Shampoo is a premium coat and skin treatment that comes directly to you and your pet without sacrificing vegan and organic principles or quality. The gentle formula acts as a grooming coat conditioner and is safe for consistent use. Our delicate balance of essential oils form the foundation of a veterinarian recommended coat care regimen.
  • SAFE FOR CONSISTENT USE ON THE COAT & STEADY GROOMING: Our Shampoo is safe for steady use on your dog or cat's coat and skin. Included in the ingredients are natural neem oil, and essential oils of tea tree which promote hair moisture and deodorizing propertieis. The base of our Shampoo is Pure liquid coconut oil, which helps with antioxidant control and immunity conditioning.
  • GENTLE PET SHAMPOO FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - Dogs and cats may experience itchiness and sensitive skin due to a variety of reasons. Our Shampoo for Dogs & Cats contains no harsh drying chemicals that can potentially aggravate dryness and itching. Contains a unique blend help control irritable skin and pet odors. It provides safe, natural grooming and deodorizing for both dogs and cats. leave your pet feeling 100% more comfortable, sleek, and healthy.