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Natural Pet Spray + Pet Shampoo Bundle for Dogs and Cats

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  • MOISTURIZING PET SHAMPOO: Contains a unique blend help control irritable skin and pet odors. It provides safe, natural grooming and deodorizing for both dogs and cats. Use our PetPleasant Pet Shampoo to eliminate and deodorize your pet's coat every day and on-the-go. Our formula is spa quality and 100% safe for regular use. Sulfate free, paraben free, and contains no harsh chemicals commonly found in pet shampoo to provide a cleansing experience that’s gentle on the skin.
  • NATURAL, SAFE & EFFECTIVE DEODORIZING PET SPRAY: Our deodorizing Pet Pleasant Pet Spray is formulated with natural ingredients and safe for use on dogs and cats. It helps eliminate dirt and odors trapped in the coat, and can be used as a cologne or perfume to maintain freshness between baths.
  • GREAT FOR GROOMING & ODOR CONTROL: Does your pet need a grooming or odor control? Our deodorizing Pet Pleasant Pet Spray is the perfect way to treat trapped odors and dirt. It is safe for everyday grooming and cleaning. The 8 ounce spritz bottle is travel-friendly and perfect on-the-go. Use after long walks or when there is no time for a bath.
  • ELIMINATES “WET DOG” SMELL: Helps naturally reduce and eliminate “wet dog” odors. The wet dog smell is caused by organic acids and bacteria contained within the fur. Moisture dissolves these acids and moves the compounds to the surface where they evaporate into the air. Our shampoo is natural and can be applied directly to the fur for direct odor elimination. The natural ingredients help eliminate the odors and provide lasting deodorization.
  • Made in USA