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IQ Pet Food Ball 4”

$ 23.99 $ 43.18

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  • MENTAL STIMULATION OF PET --- Challenging, yet fun learning activity. Pets will need to figure out how to roll the ball to get their snacks out, turning feeding time into an interactive activity. IQ balls are a much recommended item by Veterinarians to increase the intelligence of pets.
  • NON TOXIC --- The SunGrow IQ ball is made from completely safe and non-toxic material for your dog or cat to chew on. Additionally, the uneven surface is the perfect stimulant, and will promote healthy teeth and gums.
  • ENTERTAINMENT --- Your pet will have hours of fun getting the food, while hearing the cute squeaking sounds while rolling the SunGrow IQ Ball. It’s the perfect tool to use when you want to keep them busy.
  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED --- Please note that the SunGrow IQ Pet ball does not require any batteries.
  • EASY CLEAN --- Just use a bit of mild dish soap after usage and give it a rinse. This ball toy is easy to clean and can easily be used again and again.
  • Size: 4"